Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Creative Space - Dreams do Come True

 I finally took the plunge and bought myself a pattern book. Remember here where I was all excited about this book...

My Grandma gave me birthday money last year, so I allocated some of it to the Purchase of Toni Cowards Make It Perfect. Well the other day I had one of those moments when you just know it is time to do whatever it is that you have been putting off... wandered into my local Borders, and ordered it. It arrived on Tuesday. Then while I was looking through it yesterday, I had one of those "Aha" moments and ran and got my delicious fabric that I bought while holidaying with friends in Scarborough. Both of the striped ones are sheeting that I bought at a local fabric shop up there, and the 80's patterned fabric is actual vintage 80's fabric that I was gifted. Now all I need to do it go and get some solids to go with them...

Any suggestions as to what I should make first? And fabric suggestions?

For more creative juice, head over to Koo


  1. Oh I haven't seen her book yet! I have the wrap skirt and it was a great pattern

  2. oooh this book is on my wish list - fabric stash looks great xx

  3. love craft books - haven't braved making any of my own kiddies clothes yet though...

  4. Have you ever done shirring?? I want to try that. Fabrics look lush and the book too!

  5. Looks like another book for my list. Your fabric is yummy looking, too.

  6. Those candy colors are great for the coming season! I can't wait to wear summer skirts again...

  7. Thanks for the comment about my cushions.

    The purple fabric is Echino Birdsong in Grape. Here is link so you can see what a full length looks like.

    Its a really lovely linen cotton blend and a medium weight fabric.



  8. I love those fabrics. Those two stripey ones used together would look fab together if you made that dress on the bottom right hand corner of the book cover! Looking forward to see what you create first. k.x p.s. I'll let you know if I do get round to the scrap bag tutorial! :-)

  9. So many great projects in there - where to start!
    If you know someone with a little girl then do the apron skirt or the cape - my girls love those.
    Or how about a skirt for yourself - there's a panelled one in there that's lovely - though I lengthened it a little as I am fairly tall.

  10. Oh fun! Can't wait to see what you make. :)


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