Monday, February 2, 2015

Retro Old Bus depot Markets Finds

Oh wow. I never thought it would take THIS long to post some of the fun things I found at the Retro OBD Markets in Canberra on my birthday weekend. There were lots of pretties - and if I had actually had the sized waist of half the amazing clothes that were there, I would have come home with a whole new wardrobe too - well, maybe a few things, anyway!

I was really hoping to find a cool lamp, but alas. I rue the day I left my anodized aluminum desk lamp that belonged to my grandmother with my mum when I moved out. It was one of the things that got culled when she moved!

The first thing that made my heart go pitter patter was this side board at Ritzy Bits. The lovely Irena let me take photos of her displays. All I can say, is that my wonderful husband can be quite relieved that his money was safe (There was no way I was going to be able to haul a piece of furniture that size home without some previous planning).

See that pretty pink bit of froth? Cute. And those clocks! I honestly don't know which on I prefer. Of course, I wouldn't want to fill my entire house with retro pieces. That would be OTT. But some choice pieces enhance and give some drama to any room.

I could have sat down on this chair if I thought I would have gotten away with it. It looked so comfy, with plenty of cool cred. (Note to self - next time organised a trailer or some such to carry home gorgeous loot!)

Eeny meenie miny moh...

Oh and then there was the typewriter. Honestly, I'm still not sure why it didn't make it into a bag. Hind sight is 20/20. Oh yeah... maybe because my thrifty nature has yet to be reconciled to bigger price tags!

The next "store" to catch my eye was Apple Green books. There were loads of second hand books there, but I think it could be safely said that a person could browse the tables and shelves for hours. Instead, I came home with these two sticker books.

 and my sister-in-law picked up the 1920's one for my niece.

The bigger boys and I have been talking a little about both WW1 and WW2 - both of which their great grandfather served in. The 1950's fashion book is mine, all mine. I love some of the fashions from this era. My mum had some in a wardrobe in the back room that she used to let me play dress-ups with. I even got her to take one in once to wear when I was in the school drama "The Wizard of Oz".

When we wandered upstairs we discovered there weren't a lot of stores that had a vintage theme going, but there were two stores that are worthy of attention. I would love to introduce you to this lovely lady (who was nothing but delightful to chat to), but alas, I have lost her business card (which I'm really annoyed about - since I wanted to pick up one of her cool pencil cups! If you know who she is - please let me know - 'kay?). She owns Recycled Originals where she hand makes paper mache cups and bowls from vintage sheet music, patterns, and magazines (and when I say vintage, I don't mean something that is eight years old that was found at the op-shop. I mean bonafide old stuff from the 50's, 60's and such).

The next store Marja Leena wasn't vintage, but we picked up several cards from this artist, mine were of the Christmas variety to send to friends overseas.

Back down to the ground level, I wandered right into a setting with seats and foot stools that are hand made with traditional vintage methods. Bliss. Thanks Kate, I'll have the one in yellow and grey please (in my dreams, anyway!). 

If flowers are more your style, then try the upholstery on this set.

I also found the most exquisite layered resin bracelet (dinosaur designs equivalent of the 60's I suspect) - but the lady on that stall was more inclined to hide behind her booth eating oysters, than giving me permission to photograph it. So I moved on to another couple of stalls - one that had this pretty piece of bone china - a "Lady Katherine" by Royal Albert. It was well within budget, so having felt the disappointment of the previous stall, it came home with me.

The last stall that we went to before heading over to the glass works next door, was one that sold home made cookies, cupcakes, and some cute little lolly bugs, not dissimilar to the ones I made for little S's second birthday (yes, yes, I must blog that one soon!!!). I didn't photograph the bugs as they were quickly devoured by all four kids.

And that, as they say, is a wrap. Did it whet your taste buds for 2015's Retro Depot?

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