Sunday, March 6, 2011

Frozen Rubble and I-cord

I've been meaning to share this one with you all summer... and now Autumn has arrived! Oh well. It's just a little something I threw together one day. I sometimes eat cereal for dessert (Or dinner if I am being REALLY lazy!)... anyway, on this particular day in late spring I decided that I wanted Rice Bubbles, only I didn't really want to have them with milk. Being that it was a particularly warm evening, I wanted something cold. Enter the ice cream... and a few moments later "Frozen Rubble" as Jellyfish has named it, was born.
Now I know that you may have come across other similar recipes with more ingredients (I googled it back in January) - but I like it's simplicity.
Please note in the background what I SHOULD have been eating!
1. Pour the amount of Rice Bubble that you want into your bowl.
2. Shave off thin layers of good quality vanilla ice cream (They work in better) and lay them on the Rice Bubbles.
3. Gently (so you don't crush them) squish the ice cream into the Rice Bubbles.
4. Sit down and enjoy!

And on the crafting front...

Working on the i-cord. This is painstakingly slow. I think if I were to use i-cord in something again, I would just cheat and buy it! Stay tuned to see how it ends up...

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  1. That's a tiny needle, I don't have much patience for that needle work any longer.


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