Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Garland love

I fell in love with the idea of stringing up some hearts when I saw the little hearts that Christie was working on, so I set about making some of my own. They are quite quick to make, and the bit that takes the longest is chaining them all together (that is where James Bond came in the other day).
So here it is - my heart garland (Sorry about the picture quality - it's a really gray day today).

The pattern is from A foothill home companion, but I couldn't actually find the tutorial there, so I used the one at Design Sponge where Molly Dunham the author of A foothill home companion was featured.

For anyone who is of the yarn-ish kind, the hearts were made from Palette Collection in pink snow. and the joining garland yarn was Panda Regal 4 ply cotton (the same as the bikini top).


  1. *hearts* I really adore how these came out!! I still have mine strung on the mantel. They are so darn sweet!!!

  2. I love garlands!! This is so sweet.


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