Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Aurora Australis in my yarn stash

Mr. Kelp and I were watching an old Warren Miller ski movie called Journey the other night while I was rummaging in my yarn stash. If you haven't had a look at his films, and you like the whole intake of breath when someone does something either amazing or downright crazy - go have a little look on youtube.

I wanted to knit a scarf for someones birthday (Can't say who - their birthday isn't for a little while yet!) and the movie started talking about the Aurora Borealis... that was the moment that I came out of my yarn stash with two different balls of yarn going "Aha! I could knit an 'Aurora Australis' inspired scarf!"

Mr Kelp's guide to posting pictures

Step 1
Find camera
An obvious step, but often easier said than done.  Possibly in the last place I was taking photos, or where I was showing Mr Kelp the photos, or my bag, or on the charger or where it is supposed to live.  And that is just the list if Jellyfish has not been involved.
For example, for demonstrating this process, said camera could not be located, so Mr Kelp had to improvise with a USB stick.

Step 2
Find cable to connect the camera to the computer.  It should be located in the pile of cables surrounding the computer or the pile on the floor next to the computer or on the shelf above above the computer.*  Connect camera to computer.
*Refer to step 1 RE: Jellyfish

Step 3
Open the camera folder and select the photos I want to use, copy them and paste them into a new folder in my blog files.

Step 4
Open photo with irfanview
Censor if needed (select area and "cut")
Apply any other processing or efects.
Select the bit of the photo you want to use and then select Edit|Crop Selection

Step 5
Resize photo to web resolution.(less than 640x480 is reasonable). This means it wont take ages to upload it.
Step 6
Save the picture.
Select the options to not keep EXIF and IPCT data.  This means that nobody will know that you snapped the pic yesterday from a replica at your grandmas using your phone and not your super expensive camera at the art gallery last month like the post is about.
Step 7
Create new post :)