Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scents of Autumn

Why is it that we associate certain aromas with particular things... like summer and fresh cut grass or watermelon, or freezing cold temps with wood smoke (from the fire) or hot chocolate? A favourite perfume and a time in your life (that would be Fire and Ice cool  and Eau de Eden while I was at Uni, and the Beverly Hills 90210 fragrance from early high school). For me Autumn conjures thoughts and memories of the scent of leaves falling (and leaf fights! JOY) and apples - mostly ones that are being made into pie or crumble.

So today was one of those days where I was having the aroma match the season. I stewed up some apple and turned it into crumble. I love the golden brown crispness of the crumble topping, the cinnamon, and the fresh tartness of the apple. They just seem to go together like a hand in a glove.

What are your favourite scents? What do they remind you of?


  1. I love smelling your crumble too. And better to eat it!! :)

  2. I plan on making apple crumble tomorrow, as my hubby LOVES it.
    I love the smell of Australia, when you return from overseas. And the smell of rain, I wish we could bottle it, it is just divine!

  3. As we are treking into spring I can't help but miss autumn a little. Love the smell of apples cooking into pie or even apple sauce! Right now, spring is in the air... smells like fragrant flowers, frosty mornings, and earthy dirt.

  4. Apple Crumble is one one of my all-time favourite desserts. With cream, with custard, with ice cream, on its own.

    As for favourite smells, a gum leaf just picked and crushed in my hand always takes me to a happy place.

    I love the story of Australian soldiers returning home by ship and being able to smell home because of the eucalyptus in the air before they could see it. I'm pretty sure it's a myth - but what a lovely one.


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