Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Appreciation Week

I have decided that this week is going to be all about appreciation.
If it's something that the past week of flooding has highlighted 
(and the on-going flooding), is that we need to let other's know what they mean to us. 
Family, friends, work colleagues... the list goes on. 
You never know what each day will bring, so wear your heart on your sleeve and let them know how special they are! :)

One of the lovely ladies in bloggy land has been super about answering questions that I have regarding sewing, and in general being supportive of creative efforts. Here is a sneak peek at what I made for her...

And while I am yarning away... here is a sneak peek at an almost finished WIP 
... it just needs some buttons. 

I will post the details for it later this week.

What kinds of things do you appreciate?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Children Notice...

A while ago I shared with you this picture taken by my 3 year old son. I was so chuffed by a few more that he took on the day, that I had to share them with you... just so you too can get an idea of how a small child sees the world...

While he was taking this picture, he said "This is Mummy's shiny hair..."
(thanks son, for making Mummy look so skinny!!!)

A shot of the candle that was on the table from dinner the night before...

Some cutlery that he placed on the napkins - all his own doing!

The box that I had some of my stuff in for making stamps, and the magazine that I was using as a cutting mat so I didin't mark up my one that I use for fabric. I love the way he notices the colour and the way it pops.

It makes me wonder what else our little ones notice that we totally miss. Do they see a frown on our face when they do something we don't appreciate - or do they see the way we look at them with love in our eyes because they are just so precious to us? Do they just see the groceries at the checkout, or do they notice the tired look on the checkout person's face (personally I think it's the latter - the number of times my 2 have smiled, waved, talked to or "helped" the person behind the checkout are too numerous to count!).

Take time over the weekend to "notice" things around you at a slower speed - more like a child would. These moments may end up being so precious to you later. What's your hurry? 
Life is to be lived.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I would like to officially introduce you to the newest member of the seaweedandraine family...

Meet Ember

She is the younger sibling of Pierre, Gustave, Cosmo, Louis and Basile (and yes, Ember is actually a French name - thanks for asking ;) )

She has been a busy girl since she got here...

Checking out the Frangipani

Having a look at some Australian Gum trees (the closest one is a lemon scented gum... 
Mmmm smells so good when it rains!)

Giving advice on some crochet

She is off to have some more adventures soon, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Taste of Summer

These are just a few of the things I love about Summer...

We stopped at the fruit shop at Rouse Hill on the way back from the Blue Mountains on the weekend. This is a small sample of the goodies we brought home.



Playing in the back yard...
Sand under your feet

 On Sunday afternoon, while snapping photos of Mr. Kelp, Jellyfish & Little Clam while they were playing in the sandpit and baby pool, I had to take a couple of the agapanthus that was growing right behind where I was sitting.

Mmmm, I love so many things about Summer. 
What about you? What do you love?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Look what arrived in the Post!

On Wednesday a cute little package arrive for me from Describe Happy.

I won my very first giveaway, so Christie generously made me a little bird in some of my favourite colours. The Bird is yet to be named... I have some ideas floating around - but if you would like to make a suggestion, I'd be happy to get some more inspiration!

Thanks Christie! I am loving her even more every day (... and I have plans for her - stay tuned :) )

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010 Run Down.

I totally meant to post this before I went away - but I was so busy trying to get everything finished that I didn't get back to it!

So here is a quick run down of the things that I made to give as Christmas gifts (it's safe now...)

Boxy Zippered pouch.

Knitted Washer.
I altered the pattern a bit to make it bigger. Pattern found here.

BIG bag of hand dipped chocolate coated ginger (To go with the washer)

The bag is reversible... my SIL liked the pink side best.
Beginners-bias-tape bag. 
Made with Emily Bloom designer range (the pink), and some fabric from Spotlight. Pattern found here.

Sweet Stationary Set.
I used Kikki K. stamps, some handmade paper that I had made earlier, and envelopes from here. (I can't find the finished photo - sorry!)

A crochet sock for an Iphone
This has a cross stitch heart on it, just for a little interest.
(I will post the tutorial for that in a few days - still needs a little tweaking)

And the one that I was the most impressed with - the Diana Hobo Bag.
 Alas - I didn't take any photos of the finished product!!! I can't believe it! I did find one dodgy pic on the camera per favour of someone snapping away with it, so I am sharing it with you anyway. My sister will be passing through (hopefully) in a couple of weeks - so I will try to get a better one then.

And the lovely Tania from Teek sent me the jpg for some cute little tags that she made. 

So several jars of Rudolph noses, Reindeer poo, and Reindeer Food (Mr. Kelp altered the jpg when he was printing to include one of our friends that doesn't like chocolate. I made Vanilla fudge instead.) later... you just have to sample a few, you know?

Vanilla Fudge for the neighbours.