Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not Long Till Love

Is anyone out there excited at the prospect of Valentines day? Even just the teensiest bit? Hmm? No, Just me?

Every year for the past 14 years or so I have had this compelling urge to do something nice for my marvellous man (I even sent him a box full of goodies when I was in NZ one year when we were dating - one gift and note for each day of the week leading up to Valentines Day), and then following on for my family when the kids arrived - even if it is just heart shaped pancakes for breakfast (Although the past two years I have put in much more effort). Just one day that I can try to make them feel a bit spesh.

This year things are going a bit more slowly than previous, but with baby starfish in our lives, well, there's a tremendous amount of love being poured into every day anyway! But to help kick things off and get me motivated for the "month of lovin' " as I sometimes refer to February I thought I'd give away this cute set of 3 pastel, heart shaped cookie cutters. (They are so cute I very nearly kept them for myself - but I'm exercising enormous self control!)

To be in it just leave a comment* telling me how you like to shower others with love. Easy peasy.

Entry is open world wide till 7am AEST February 28.
A winner will be chosen via a small hand in a bowl full of names.

* Make sure you are contactable either via your blog page or leave me you email - lightly coded (eg. iamsohip(at)gmail(dot)com )

Friday, January 18, 2013

Twin Cloches - and the Colour Reveal!

 Have any of you visited Abbie from Five Days Five Ways? If you have, you will know that she had twin girls at the end of September (Hi Evy and Nola!). Being a Mum of 3 now, I know that having a few lovely little garments lined up makes things a whole lot more fun - the hard part is deciding which one to put them in!
With that in mind, I asked Abbie if I could make her sweet little bundles a cloche hat each - and to my joy, she said yes! I had in mind to use the colour scheme from the girls' room that we have been seeing snatches of  on her blog as my colour inspiration. (If you have never visited Abbie, you should definitely check out her awesome creativity. She has a gift - I tell ya!) My only dilemma was what colour combo to go with. And when I did choose this one...

...then I wasn't so sure, so I worked this one...

... and this one...

and this one.

Thanks everyone for your comments and votes to help me decide. The final poll came down to A) and B), so I ended up doing one of each.

And here they are!!!

They are winging their way to Texas - hopefully in time for Christmas! (Edit: Since I obviously had a memory lapse in posting this, I can tell you that they ALMOST made it in time, and Abbie loves them. Wheeeee! I'd do a cartwheel if I still knew how! lol )

Thanks for all your help with the colours - you guys are the best!

Come back after the weekend to catch my 
February Giveaway.

 SundayI Heart Nap Time

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What do You Raspberry Stitch?

So I've noticed there seems to be a lot of interest out there with raspberry stitch. I have a confession to make... the raspberry stitch tut/pattern that I blogged way back when, was the first time I had even attempted the stitch. Add that to the fact that I pretty much had my tension WAY too tight  didn't help at all. I put it down to being nervous about dropping a stitch. 

All that aside, I am incredibly curious to find out what you all out there are making with your 
raspberry stitch yarn-y wonders. Which got me to thinking... 

Would you like a link up database with lots of raspberry stitch projects - rather like an inspiration board -  one where you could link up a project you have done in raspberry stitch, and one where you could find other  projects to inspire you? If this tickles your fancy, leave a comment and a way to contact you (If your email is available through your blog, don't worry about leaving it in your comment - I'd rather avoid spammers for your sake).

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Sheree xxx

Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Phase

There's been a lot of living going on around here (and not much writing, you might have noticed). And it is good. Life is good. I've been basking in the exuberance of my children more since Christmas ('cos I'm sure you know that the week or so leading up to it is usually pretty frantic) - and I am loving it!!! They are so spontaneous. So giving. I am inspired by some of their imaginings. I love it when Mr.5 curls up next to me and tells me a story - he is so descriptive. I even typed out one of his stories as he told it the other day.

I have so much to share, but for now I will leave you with this thought.