Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Creative Space - Raspberry Phone Sock

I have been away from blog land for the past few days... we had a house inspection yesterday, and my creative space was spread all over the house (need I say more???), but I'll share with you some of the latest.

I finished the raspberry stitch on the weekend

...which was just as well, seeing as I was giving to my sister in law for her (early) birthday before she heads to Canada and the States for a month. We had a great family-day-get-together.

I have to say I actually like the pattern made on the back of the fabric

... but I would never make anything just for that - it's just too fiddly! What do you think?

Also here is the finished photo of the Slubby neckie from the list. Sorry it's upside down. I gifted it to her for her birthday also.


  1. Pretty! I love the yarn you have been using, your SIL is one lucky girl x

  2. Loving the raspberry stitch. I presume it’s a blackberry stitch done in a darkish purple...?

  3. Gorgeous! Love the raspberry stitch. Not heard of that one before but it's very effective... I can see I'll be googling that one shortly!

  4. ooo yummy! those colours looks so good i could eat em! :D

  5. I'm definitely lucky! :) The neckie is as delicious as it looks (tested last week in 9 degress - worked a treat!) and loving the phone sock! It's a sure winner! :)
    Thanks creative SIL!

  6. the sock is just wonderful.. Love the colour.
    Thanks for the tutorial..
    I'm not a great knitter but I might just have to give it a go.


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