Friday, March 18, 2011

Paper making with Jellyfish

Jellyfish and I decided to give paper making a go yesterday afternoon using an old frame that I had made up when I was doing Visual Arts electives at Uni. It's a bit warped, but to his 3 year old mind it served the purpose just fine.

Here is some that we set out to dry. I will post the finished pictures of the dry paper when we get enough sunshine to take a decent photo.


  1. Oh handmade paper, super lovely!! I made paper in year 6 at school, that was pretty fun, love Posie

  2. Years ago my kids made the nineties..and it turned out very thick..couldn't fold it..but it was beautiful and had lovely texture and fibres embedded in it..I haven't made any since. Your efforts are great!

  3. Ooh..very impressed, look forward to seeing what you make with the paper. x


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