Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Wanderings - Brooklyn on the Hawksbury

Wow. It feels like forever since I have done one of these posts. I'm sure we must have taken trips out and about, but I obviously never paid them much mind.

Our destination this time was Brooklyn, on the Hawksbury river. It's a gorgeous little spot, and one that has always made me sigh with pleasure when I drive by.

We did a section of the Great North Walk. It's the first time baby Starfish has gone under his own power, rather than using the pram or the child carrier (We still had to carry him part of the way back, but it was way past his nap time, so I think that can be excused, ;) don't you? ). Some of the walk was really steep, but all the boys did splendidly. I am so proud of them!

We walked along until we hit the dam that supplies Brooklyn's water. The reflections were Monet-esq at that time of the day - I can only imagine how good they would have been earlier in the morning. We found animal trails in the sand, and there were ants galore. On the track. Beside the track. And lets not forget to mention termite nests in trees. Hubby showed the boys how to collect nectar from the bottle brush flowers and eat it... which they loved so much it took an age to move up the track. At least until they spotted the next plant anyway - then they ran up the track till they arrived at "honey destination". There also was this little cave off to the side of the track about half way along that opened from both sides, which we had to stop and have our photo taken in. You should have seen the masterful way hubby manhandled some fallen branches and twigs to set up an impromptu camera holder (that was about as high as he was) so we could all be in the photos.

We capped off the day at Pie in the Sky for lunch (near Cowan). If you are in the area, and you've never been before, the pies are yummy, and well worth stopping for. I had a Lamb, Honey, Chili and garlic pie. You might think that it sounds a quirky mix, but trust me, it works! They also do a couple of different salads, and wedges/chips/mashed potato etc. If you are a motoring enthusiast, it's also a bonus. We didn't see any noteworthy cars while we were there, (much to my Top Gear UK loving sons disappointment), but there were plenty of incredible looking bikes parked in the car park, which got their attention.

Chalk it all up to a fun-filled, memory-making day - one I hope we repeat again soon!

How did you spend your long weekend?

   Sheree xxx