Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Cretive Space - Swe(e)d-hearts

Finally finished this...

A crochet phone sock complete with a (kind of) Swedish heart cross stitched on it and eyelets. It took me forever to hook the i-cord!!! (And I do mean forever!)

Also is the first ever Swedish heart that I hooked up. Both are on their way to Alicia of Posie Gets Cozy. Hers is the first blog I EVER read (way back in 2007), and even though our styles are different, I do love looking at her gorgeous work. She had a birthday earlier this year, so being that Andy gave her an IPhone, I just had to hook her up a little gift... just a shame it's taken me so darned long!!!


  1. Very cute! I'm sure it won't matter that it's a little late because it's so lovely and such a sweet thought too x

  2. It may have taken a long time..but you've done a great job of it..the heart is so cute too.

  3. funny how you remember the first every blog you read - mine was soule mama!!
    Love the swedish heart (hubby's family is have a soft spot for anything nordic)

  4. Your crochet work is beautiful and congrats on finishing off that cord!

  5. love the crochet, very cute ! Thanks for your lovely comment too, hope you get the sewing machine conquered!

  6. Love the heart (how did i miss this last week ... hmmm i am sooo behind!!!) :)


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