Friday, September 10, 2010

Knitted Sock for an Iphone Tutorial

Thank you so much for all your kind comments yesterday! Being that I have only been a member of bloggy land for a few months now, I have to say, I get so excited reading your comments and encouraging words - especially when they are from people that I don't know that have taken the time to have a look at seaweedandraine AND leave a comment! (There have been a few times I have gone tearing around the house fizzing with excitement - crazy I know, but it is true). So you see, even though I haven't had the chance to meet you all, your thoughts mean a lot.

There were quite a few people commented yesterday on the phone sock, so I thought I would whip up a quick tutorial for you...

Phone sock for an iPhone

I used 8 ply yarn and 4mm needles.

1. Cast on 32 stitches (34 if they have a phone cover or if you are knitting in a 4 stitch pattern like the one below).I used long-tail cast on because I love the finish that it gives, but you could use whatever style you like. Edit: The Raspberry stitch made the phone sock a bit tight - I think if I were doing it again I would make it 38 stitches!).

2. Start knitting!
Knit what ever style you are aiming for. In the first sock I did, I just used stockinette stitch. For this one I raspberry stitch, which I found here and goes basically like this:Row 1: purl
  Row 2: K1, (K1,P1,K1 all in the same stitch), P3 tog, K last stitch
Row 3: purl
Row 4: K1 P3 tog, (K1,P1,K1 all in the same stitch), K last stitch  Some of you mentioned that it looked like blackberry stitch... I'm not entirely sure. I did have a quick look on YouTube, and this stitch is listed a few times mostly under Raspberry stitch, but they are both there. There were also a couple of different patterns listed as Black berry stitch. Call it what you like :)

3. Knit until your work measures 13cm in length.

4. Cast off.

5. Fold in half and sew together using mattress stitch (I did - but incorrectly. I have since found a good tutorial here)

6. I finished the second sock by weaving beading elastic through the top stitches to pull it in tighter and stop the phone from sliding out too easily (my SIL didn't have a phone cover, but I was working a 4 stitch pattern, so I didn't want her phone to slide out in her bag).

The first phone sock I made I stitched in some thin twill tape to make a loop as my other SIL wanted to attach a short lanyard so she can have it secured to her wrist when taking loads of files from the lab to her office. This is totally optional.

So there you have it. Piece of cake! Have fun :)


  1. I am going to have to give this a try!!! One of the flower bearers has an I-pod and she would love this! Thanks for the pattern! xoxo Love, Jenn

  2. You will probably have to halve the amount (or more) of stitches you knit for an ipod as it is a lot narrower than an iPhone and and is only a few mm think instead of 12.3mm in depth.

  3. That looks great. I think that I am the last person on earth that doesn't have a cell phone, though (even my nan has one now). Hmm, probably too feminine for my husband's phone... You've got me tempted to run around surrepticiously measuring people's phones, so that I can knock them out a cosy...

    I MIGHT make a tutorial for the peasant shirts one of these days - they're ever so easy to make. I'd have to look into the sizing, though. I'm a bit more relaxed about them as I didn't notice any seismic activity this last time.


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