Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunshine in the Mail Swap

Hi everyone! So excited about your interest in a Snail Mail Swap. Thanks for your support :)

Here is what I was thinking...

Those who wish to sign up, send me your contact details (if they aren't on your blog already) and I will draw out partners and let you know who your partner is so you can contact them (or read their blog) to find out a bit about them and what their interests are.

From there, you are responsible to send them their "Sunshine in the Mail" Snail Mail Swap package within the timeline.

Flickr ... should I make a fliker account for you to post your pictures on??? let me know what you think.

So to break it down...

Sign ups will be for the month of July (I know, I know, it's half over!) and are open both nationally and internationally.
Partners will be drawn and sent on August 1
Parcels will need to be mailed no later than August 24 to try and reach their destinations by September 1 to welcome in the spring.

What to Swap...

I thought I'd include 5 options. From these 5 options you will need to choose 3 things (more if you feel like totally spoiling your partner!). It's preferred if you could hand make some of it (or purchase from someone who does).

1. Stationary OR  note cards with envelopes.

2. 1 Handmade postcard.

3. Something you have made.

4. Something that makes you think of Spring.

5. A surprise for your partner

There's no need to make it too complex - it's just for fun, and to put something better than bills in your mail box! :)

So, what are you waiting for???


  1. please sign me up! i'm definitely up for a swap :)thanks for organising it :)

  2. Count on me!


  3. I would love to join in as well! What details do you want? Just our email or snail mail address too? If you give me your email I can give you more details! silverthreadsofhappiness(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I've been in the mood for a swap but haven't been able to find one!

  4. I'd like to do it too. Have you tried swap bot before? I think it's free and you can give us all a password to join your swap. It might save you some time.
    Yay....excited to play.
    x Jana

  5. Oh I ♥ this... sign me up!
    I do a lot of swaps through swap-bot and looking forward to doing it with bloggers! yay! :)

  6. Hello, oh this swap sounds lovely, please count me in too. Now I am sleepy and can't seem to find your email anywhere and wanted to answer your q on my blog about the orange fruit...I took the photo in the rainforest at Binna Burra so its some kind of native fruit, looked a bit figgy, but not sure. Thanks for visiting my blog and for this sweet and open style swap, love it, xoKate

  7. Sounds like a good idea.. and we've got a month to complete it - sounds even better! Count me in!

  8. I'm in!! Sunshine mail certainly fits the happiness mantra! Any excuse to whip up a few fabric postcards :) Let me know if I need to send you anything

  9. I am in too. Never done a swap before so a little nervous :-)
    The stitch i used for the bag is a puff stitch. Youtube it. Very very easy. Not sure even if I do it right as I quite often only watch a little of the video and wing the rest!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Haven't done a swap before either, but sounds like fun, plus haven't been getting any fun mail lately, so a little surprise would be nice. So count me in:) Cyndy

  11. I'd love to participate! Is it open to those in the US?

  12. Awesome! Glad to hear I can participate. A Spring swap is exactly what I need now that my part of the world is saying good-bye to summer soon here. :( Thanks for letting me participate!

  13. I missed out on one recently that was happening over on another blog, so count me in on this one!...T

  14. just heard about this today from Describe Happy, would like to join so here's my email - lissawrites(at)gmail(dot)com

    my blog is here:

    thanks for organizing & have a great summer

  15. I would totally love to get more than bills in the mail. I'm in!! My e-mail is and my blog info is


  16. oh wow this looks amazing please sighn me up :)
    my e-mail is

    cant wait! will also feature this on my next blog :)

  17. Sounds like a bit of fun and I could do with some sunshine in the post! Count me in please...

  18. I would love to do this! I've never swapped before, so very excited and a little nervous!
    If you need any other details just let me know!

  19. I'm just so excited to participate. Thanks again dear.
    xo Jana

  20. Hi...Am i too late?
    My blog
    I am from Malaysia.

  21. Looks like so much fun! Are you going to do another done for the fall??


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