Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend WIP Wind-up

I was aiming to finish off a few of the things on my WIP list over the weekend, and I actually succeeded at it! I am just a little bit chuffed with how speedily things worked up.

First off the ranks was the baby cloche. Actually, I made two. If you missed my previous post, I finished the one I started second, first! Here is the one I started out on.

I love this yarn for the hook. I have to say that I have knitted with it, but using it on the hook is just a rather delicious experience (and it's not even an expensive, fancy yarn!) The yarn is Panda Purla, color 6, which is the softest acrylic I've ever used - mixed with 15% alpaca. It feels lovely, and isn't scratchy or itchy at all. I'd link you straight to the yarn - but the link seems to be broken right now. Pattern and hook size are listed here)

I also finished up the heart garland that I started last weekend, but I will have to wait to take some photos of it so I can show you... tomorrow (hopefully the weather will co-operate for good lighting!). It's amazing what you can accomplish while watching a James Bond flick or two.


  1. Oh yay for craft while James Bond is on!! Something for everyone, eye candy & getting work done, glee. Love Posie

  2. So pretty.Love the colour too.Thanks for dropping by my blog.Hope to see you again :)

  3. I love the way everyone makes this crafting stuff look so easy - like it just makes itself :-)
    It's so pretty, and if I thought for a second it really did just make itself I'd give it a go too!!


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