Monday, October 31, 2011

Ahh Manly - I have missed you!

I thought I'd share a little bit of how I celebrated my birthday with you. A friend of ours was staying with us for my actual birthday, so he shouted us Indian so I didn't have to cook or clean for dinner (So generous of him!!!). Thanks J! We combined it with a little Patritti Canada Muscat...mmm. This is how mine was in the glass after pouring - no kidding!!!

Then on the Sunday we met my niece (who baked the most decadent Red Velvet cupcakes for me - they were sublime!!!) at Manly for a bit of an outing. First we hit up the Markets - which seemed a bit smaller than the last time we were there :(
We had a lunch at a restaurant not too far from the beach (think big juicy Barramundi fillet with salad and chips), and then went for a walk along the promenade towards Shelly Beach where we found some humour...

Let the kids play on a cool sculpture...

And admired some people who were paddle boarding around this boat (Made me think of you Jana!).

I found a cool poster in a coffee shop window... only later did I discover it was in reference to the All Blacks trouncing the Wallabies! lol

Long Black, Short Black, All Black.

There was a really cool building along the waterfront where some guy parked this bike... I HAD to share it with you!!! :)

We also stopped for our first taste of Ben & Jerry's on the way back ... there were a WHOLE lot of rich flavours that were a bit to heavy for such a hot day, but I have to say the boys and I loved "Chunky Monkey" flavour!!! :)

The boys wanted to have a swim, and then we were off home! They were in the car about 10 minutes before they fell asleep. I call that a successful outing! :)

Hope you have all been getting in some good R&R time on the weekends!

S xxx


  1. Sounds like some lovely celebrating and I do adore the pink bike photo. Happy Birthday!
    xo Jana

    mmm Ben and Jerrys, love them all.

  2. Loved your comment on my Halloween post! It's true, I do prefer to celebrate "the God side of things"!

  3. I love the photo of the pink bike in front of the blue window, with all the textured pealing paint - very cool!


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