Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Cool Change

Cooler weather has hit Sydney again. Makes me want my thick feather doona, the heater, and a cup of hot dandelion coffee, aka dandelion tea ('cause it's sweet without me having to add sugar!!!)

Enjoy your day!

S xxx


  1. agree! i'm not liking the cold! i was so happy the weather was warm and now its cold again!! :( hopefully the sunshine and the warmth will return soon!!

  2. It makes it so hard to dress the kids this up and down weather!! One day I say OK to summer dresses the next I say no - the poor girls don'tknow what to put on.

  3. oooo Dandelion tea...I've never tasted it but it sounds yummy. We are having cold weather here too. I'm much more of a sunny weather girl.
    xo j

  4. I know right, I put the doona away on MOnday and now Im really regretting it! *S*


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