Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bunting - "Life's a Beach"

I recently joined The Bunting Swap over at Squiggly Rainbow. This time last week saw me trying to coax my 77 year old Bernina into making some bunting for me. I decided to try a couple of ideas I have seen around in blog land ~ sewn quilting in narrow rows (from the Aesthetic Nest's baby quilt ~ still totally want to give that one a go!) and confetti (from Describe Happy).

This was the first one I started. I was aiming for a kind of beachy feel using unbleached calico and aged denim. (I know some people use calico for mock-ups of garments and the like, but I really just like the colour and texture of it).

In the second picture you can see a little surprise that I added for my recipient... a little feature fabric.

The confetti squares are MUCH harder to sew around then they look. Each one is 1" square, and reinforced with some iron on interfacing so that they won't fray past the desired spot. I take my hat of to Christie doing an entire quilt out of them!!!

Before sending them, I made up a little card to go with it (notice the fabric??? Yup, same as the hidden strip in the bunt).

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  1. Oh I do love coastal looking :)

  2. Ooh your bunting is so cool!!! Love the cards too!

  3. Lovely idea - love the contrast between the shaggy denim and the calico trim at the top!

  4. Sheesh, that does look challenging! Good for you. They look darling!

  5. Via Email From Describe Happy:
    Hi!! I'm not sure why blogger isn't letting me leave a comment on your post, but here is what I was trying to post:

    "Your bunting is so sweet!! And yes, those tiny confetti bits can be challenging, but I actually use Free Motion quilting to sew them down and allow myself to not have to be perfectly square about it.... fun trying a new thing though, isn't it?? Hope you are having a great week!"

    And thanks for the shout out!!

  6. Oh your bunting is gorgeous, you got the beach feel spot on. xx

  7. What a creative twist! Love this idea!
    Thank you for popping by my place!
    Kerry at

  8. Dear Sheree

    Thank you so much for my beachy chenille bunting. I love the look of calico too. I can see a far bit of work went into this piece. A whole row of this bunting would look spectacular, let alone as a baby quilt.

    I do love the words on the handmade card. They lift me up.


  9. That is really pretty bunting. I love the various textures on it. Cute card, too. :)

    Tracy Screaming Sardine


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