Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Week of Birthdays... #2 Giveaway

Hi everyone!
As promised I am back with another giveaway. I decided to split the items up this time because not everyone is going to love each thing that is on offer. Different things appeal to different people. I get that.

I have been blessed with a few cool vintage finds over time. This is one of them.

It's not up for grabs! :)

I have a collection of my own Little Golden Books that I had as a child and since having children of my own I have become a happy browser in thrift stores, looking for cool titles with great storylines and pictures that we don't yet have in our collection. Some days I find nothing. Others are gold.

Today I want to give an opportunity to you - my lovely readers - to get a few for yourself if you are that way inclined. Here they are in all their aged glory...

Seaweed & Raine 
Vintage Golden Book Giveaway!

To enter you must be a follower. Because this is my way of saying "Thank you!"
for sticking with me on this journey.

There are 3 way to enter.

1. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite Little Golden Book is.

2. Leave a comment telling me what you read in your spare time.

3. Blog about this giveaway, and then come back and leave a comment 
letting me know that you have.

Entries close Friday October 21.


  1. Actually my favorite Golden Book isn't very old. It's called "Let's Go Shopping". I love it because my parents used to read it to me all the time when I was little and I loved it! I also love "Little Mommy" :)


  2. In my spare time I read "The Handmade Marketplace" :)


  3. Tawny Scrawny Lion would be one of my favs also the little Prayer Book is so cute! Great finds!

  4. Hmm, my favorite Golden book is the Poky Little Puppy :)

  5. Recently it has become Baby's First Book because it was the first Golden Book I bought for my son when he was born.

  6. Oh, bit of a sucker for the Saggy Baggy Elephant. Love Posie

  7. Hi!
    Thank you!....
    My favorite Golden book is: "Rainy day play book"
    Because I love the pictures...
    You have a lovely blog, I will gladly continue following it!

  8. The only book that I seem to read nowadays is: Counting With Miffy. Bubba loves it & we have to read it over & over & over & over again!

  9. I am a new follower- found you via creative spaces. I loved Hansel and Gretel and their chubby little cheeks as a kid. Great giveaway, I'm intrigued by the Romper Room book!

  10. I had that Play Street book!!! I loved it - I remember them al creeping home like a caterpillar at the end.
    My other favourites were the Colour Kittens and another that was called I can fly - gorgeous illustrations.
    Also one called Kindergarten which may have been by the same illustrator at Play Street.


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