Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bamboo Firsts.

I've been wanting you show you this for more than a week... the first thing I have ever made with Bamboo yarn.

The yarn felt fabulous in my hands - soft, smooth. I did find that it was very easy to split with the hook though if I wasn't paying attention. This one goes into the gift pile for a very special lady. The yarn was Moda Vera Bamboo Cotton in mint. I used this pattern.

Well I'm off to find my pillow now, it's been a big day, lots of sun, some surf, good food & great company.
Good night! :)

S xxx

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See you then!!!

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  1. It looks so soft and such a beautiful colour too!

  2. Delicious creation is beautiful.

  3. Bamboo is such a gorgeous yarn to work that colour :)

  4. Very nice work! The color is so lovely. I still haven't tried bamboo yarn but I'm very interested. Oh, and your donut softie-tutorial looks so much fun that I have to try it!

    P.S.Thanks for stopping by in my blog

  5. looks great. i've only used cotton, but you've tempted me to give bamboo a go!

  6. That is a lovely colour. I haven't managed to learn to crochet yet!

  7. lovely! beautiful colour.
    i'm using a cotton for crochet and it splits a little too!

  8. Gorgeous colour. I am still a beginner crocheter and I find it really tricky.

  9. Lovely color and it looks so soft. I also once worked with bamboo yarn and it was really nice.


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