Monday, October 24, 2011

Week of Birthdays... WINNERS!

Well the air has cooled here enough for me to finally sit at my computer for more than 20 seconds! Phew! Summer was trying it's hardest to move Spring along today - thankfully tomorrow will be much cooler (and I plan on getting some baking done!).

SO..... to announce the winners from the Week of birthdays...

The winner of the handmade necklace is...

# 6 Jana!

Congratulations Jana! I will be getting it in to post to you this week! :)

And the winner of the Vintage Golden Books is...

# 12 Sascedar

Congratulations! If you can email me your deets I will get your books into the post too! :)

Thanks again everyone who took part, and to my followers - you are the best! :)
It's great to know that I'm not babbling to myself all the time. I really appreciate your comments and feed back on things.

More birthday related things to share with you later this week...

S xxx


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