Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farm Birthday Invitations

Little Clam is having a birthday very soon, and I wanted to show you what I did to get the ball rolling. He is at that stage where he loves making animal noises (even though he can say their names) - his favourite being snorting like a pig!!!

I considered making my own graphics, or finding some on the internet, till I found these stickers - which worked just as well, and was much quicker since I had a short space of time to get it all together and into the post. I don't know about you, but I think invitations that you receive in the post are just so much better than an email. Something more personal about it all. (I confess, I both hand delivered some of Jellyfish's invites and scanned and emailed some).

I chose a concertina style strip for the invites, measuring 38cm x 12.5cm (each panel measures 9.5 x 12.5cm). I decided the order of the animals (the last one needing to be the cow, as the cow says "Moo" and it needed to rhyme with two) so it ended up saying "Baa, Quack, Neigh, Moo, Look who's turning two", and stuck them on. Next was typing up the details, printing them, guillotining them and gluing them on. I'd considered wrapping a ribbon around them and tying it in a bow, but thinking of posting it meant that the bow would be too bulky, so I opted for matching stickers to seal the ribbon strips.

Last off was brown paper envelopes -  no farm theme is complete without the simplicity of brown paper, and I just love brown paper envelopes!!! :) These were sealed with piggy stickers, or some other farm animal and then the boys and I took a little walk to the post box! All done! :)

I got the inspiration for the verse on the card here. ;)

Check the party links on the side bar to see where I'm playing!!! :)

S xxx


  1. Very cute! And I agree - I love getting invites in the post.

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing with me.

  3. That is really sweet. Those brown paper envelopes really do complete the farm feel perfectly. Getting things in the mailbox is SO exciting too.

  4. So cute!!! If the recipients are a similar age, I'm sure they'll be 'read' by them as well. It's like getting a little present, as well as an invitation.

  5. So cute - love the brown envelopes :-)


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