Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch - the memories

Today was a shocker. Mr. Kelp came home at lunch and told me about the earthquake. Devastating. Sad. If you have never been there, Christchurch is a beautiful city... or at least it was. It's been 4 1/2 years since we were there (Half the time was for work for him, and all of it was a holiday for me). I have such good memories of my time there. I even considered moving there (and for those of you who know me - YES, even though it is super cold in winter!!!). I have friends that I was at college with who live there. Zara, Kyla & Artie, I hope you guys are all Ok.

Since we are being shown destroyed images of Christchurch, I thought I would share some of my own memories with you - some things to remind you of the beauty of the place, the fun, and resilience.

View from the old office

Lunchtime walk
Yep -that's me looking down the river on the street near where the former office 
was that Mr. Kelp was working in for the week.

Saturday arvo drive - summit rd.

Bumble Bee
These guys are so cute - big and bumbly. I love them. They just make me smile.

A walk in the woods

Punting on the Avon for my birthday

 Christchurch Cathedral

Outside window of the cathedral

Inner window

Inside the cathedral

Cool building  (I can't remember the name of it - and don't know where my brochure is)

Lunch time walk

Bridge inscribed with "Ovid non pro patria"
If anyone can translate this Latin quote - I'd love it!!!


Can you imagine being picked up for a formal even from here?

A piece of  NY 9/11 a thank you to all the volunteers.
People of Christchurch, my thoughts and prayers are with you. May your resilience show through, your courage abound, and the support of others flow freely.


  1. This post is so calming after seeing all those scenes of destruction..thank you for reminding us about the beauty that can be again some day!

  2. Such lovely pics! Thanks for sharing. Hope your friends are/were ok?


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