Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm back! And it has been ages. I have missed you all. After all my good intentions on doing a few posts for Appreciation Week, I only ended up doing one. My sister, her hubby, and their two girls came to stay mid-week that week, and I was so busy appreciating their visit that I didn't get back to the computer. I get to see my sister for a good visit about every one or two years - which isn't enough! I so need to work out a way that I can see her more often.

They had just come back from a Pathfinder Camporee in Toowoomba where there were 1000's of  10 - 18 year-olds (plus adults) from all over Australia. It had rained and rained while they were there, and some of the tents got a bit flooded, so my sister's group (from Tassie) got put in a large pavilion to sleep for a few nights. The day after they left is the day the inland tsunami went through! It was with Prayer-felt thanks that they got out in time.

My hubby, the two boys and I have just come back from doing a south QLD trip, and I will give you more of in-depth run down in the next few days, but what I did notice was how much heart everyone up there has post-flood. They are so amazing. Resilient. They just keep doing the things that need to be done. And having a bit of fun where they can. The Aussie spirit is indeed alive.

Now, for a little lightheartedness...

A Giveaway!

Valentines day isn't far away, but in honor of love, I put together a little something for those of you who are interested.
NB. Measuring tape & scissors are not part of the giveaway.
The pictured strawberry pincushion is not the one you will receive, I will make another.

You have three options to enter:
1. Leave a comment telling me how you show love to others.
2. Blog about this giveaway, linking back to this post, and leave another comment 
telling me that you have done so.
3. Follow this blog. I add this one with some hesitation.
If you have been reading for a while, or have only just stumbled 
across Seaweedandraine but like what you see and want to 
see more, then feel free to follow along.

I will send it to where ever you live - be in in Aus or internationally.
Entries close Sunday 12pm (Aus DST).
The winner will be announced on February 14.
Please note that the prize will not get to you by Valentines Day (Sorry!) 
I was too late in getting this post up for that to happen!


  1. How do I show love to others? I clean up poop. Among other things. :P

  2. Welcome back! I'm glad to see that pincushion was a breeze... even fun to make right? And thank you so so much for posting the Sew-a-thon button!! Oh, and you will laugh I have crocheted hearts to post about today as well. I wonder if we used the same pattern?

    What do I do to show love? I like to cut right to it and give the person a big 'ole bear hug and kisses! Hope you are doing well and looking forward to catching back up!

  3. So cute! I show love by cooking for my husband. x


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