Sunday, February 13, 2011

Knitted Neckie Reveal & Crochet Hearts

I promised to reveal the final product of one of my WIP list a few weeks ago - so here it is! Gifted today (so I can now post about it) to another SIL for her 30th birthday (along with a lemonade tree). We had a beautiful morning in Terrigal at the Crown Plaza in the Lord Ashley room.

The view
The neckie is made from Sullivan's yarn in black (Wouldn't you know it - I have been saving the wrapper for months now, and when I go to find it - it's gone! The yarn has grey, white, and teal mixed through with the black, and has a slubby nature, wrapped in ribbon). Buttons are charcoal grey with silver sparkles from here (the yarn was also purchased here).
I don't know if the pattern I used has a name or not (I'm sure it does), but it is just a variation of moss stitch, that seems to suit this kind of yarn. I just experimented with stitches till it looked right. It is the same pattern I used for the Mulberry Delight neckie, but with different button holes.

 The picture quality is a bit so-so... it was quite a dull morning this morning.

I also wanted to share with you a close up of the Crochet Scandinavian Heart that I have been churning out a few of (and I'm not done yet!). I have one up for grabs in my Valentines Giveaway that ends tonight 12pm DST. If you haven't dropped a comment on that post people, now is the time to do it! ;)
If you would like to make your own, the tutorial and pattern for it is here. I actually found it through Knit Purl Gurl, and liked hers so much that I HAD to make some for myself. I just wish I could have found similar colourways of yarn! Mine is made from Heirloom 4 ply 100% cotton in Red.

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