Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Well I did say I would share a little of what went on at our house today...

This morning Jellyfish woke up while I was getting organised to make breakfast for everyone, so jumped right in and helped Mummy. We made heart shaped pancakes together. He got ingredients for me as we went, and then helped to set the table and put all the toppings out. We had maple syrup (Queen PURE maple syrup - I can't stand the fake stuff!), whipped cream, raspberries, banana and french blackberry jam to choose from. It was totally delish and J and I had lots of fun getting it ready.

For dinner tonight, we decided to make the place look just a little bit more special with a paper heart and some candles. I wanted to make lots of paper hearts - even got the paper cut, but never got to hole punching them. You can find instructions for them over here. I'd also like to try some smaller ones with semi-sheer plastic at some point. What I did discover was that the thicker your paper/card, the better it sits.

After hanging that, we added a table runner and some hear shaped candles. The one in the centre is a vanilla scented one in a tin that my grandparents gave me for my 16th birthday  - till today I'd only sniffed it! The other two were given to me by the sweetest little girl that was in one of my classes a few years ago.

Jellyfish actually took the above photo. He even included one of our dinners. I made rice and cottage cheese rissoles to Mr. Kelp's Nana's recipe. They might not look that appealing - but oh boy, do they taste good!!! (Let me know if you want the recipe...) I am ashamed to say that I haven't made these (that I can remember anyway) since the first year we were married - 9 years ago!

... didn't think of taking a photo till I had taken a couple of bites!
Then it was on to dessert. I made a White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake. Mmmm (if you are into counting calories, stop counting after breakfast. I'm not, so I have no idea exactly how bad we were being. Tee hee hee). Mine is similar to this one (I don't mind sharing my recipe... but this is a long-ish post already!). At this point Mr. Kelp did something that isn't too common. He decided that he needed a hot drink. What he brought back for me was a berry mocha, and a jasmine green pearl tea for himself. I don't know if any of you were familiar with Nescafe's Brief Encounters range, but their Behaving Berry Badly one was rather exquisite smelling. Sigh. I have been hoarding mine since I can no longer get them. I think I have one left.

The second-last of a good thing
What I was trying for was a fun experience for my two boys, and a little bit of treating for the man I love. Really, it can be too easy is it to take them for granted. I am trying to see them for who they are and show them that they are indeed special to me. I want to live the love every day - and not just the romantic kind (although for the man in your life, that is good too!) but the Agape kind. It's a challenge for me. Still needs work :) What love language do you speak?

Hope your day was creative and full of love!
S xxx


  1. Your candlelit table looks does that delicious raspberry cheescake..yum!

  2. I love the way that ur Valentine day is about ur whole family. And those pancakes and cheesecake look lush!


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