Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Creative Space - Hook Happiness

I'm a little hooked on yarn right now - which may be a bad thing, considering all the things that I have said that I would sew for family members!

The weekend saw me hooking up a few hearts. These will be for one of my little nieces - not sure which one yet! (I have one that will be one soon, and two more that are still living in a day spa - so to speak) The whole piece isn't finished yet - but I am hoping to rectify that on the weekend.

Monday saw Jellyfish and I making pavlova from scratch - he loved the process, and his daddy LOVED the finished result!!! (Not to mention his other parent... it was Go-oo-od!). He is getting right into the whole baking thing at the moment. I think I am going to have to schedule something each week that he can specifically help make. Mmmm.

I have been loving feed times with Little Clam in the past two days... This is what has been filling up my time while I feed him (Besides chatting with him, that is!) I have a few more to go before I am finished. They will be gifted later this year.

And lastly, I am so in love with this...

Can't wait to have this one finished so I can show you. The yarn feels delicious to work with. It is hooking up quite quickly, so hopefully in the next couple of days I will be able to do the big reveal on it ;) So far I have spent about 3 hours on it (It was at about 1.5 hours when I took the photo).

Still stitching the strawberry for Jess (I wasn't happy with it, so I ripped it out and am starting again), I have another crochet phone sock still going (I'm trying to make a crochet i-cord, but my hook is too small!) and I REALLY need to get back to knitting Jellyfish's beanie!!! Yikes!

This Week's Work in Progress (WIP) Stats

Total WIP: 6
New Projects: 3
Finished Projects: 0

Thanks to Describe Happy for the inspiration to do a Work in Progress Wednesday stat breakdown.
For more creative juice, head over to Koo tomorrow. 

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  1. Looks like you've been having a lovely week making things. Making pavlova from scratch is on my 'want to do' lists - yours looks fabulous and so yummy! I love your little crochet hearts, and your WIP is looking good. Happy making!


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