Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Heart Winner!

This morning I wrote every one's names on paper, guillotined them (with a little help from Jellyfish), folded them in thirds, and placed them in my big red floppy hat (well, it's Valentine's Day - so that hat HAD to be red!). I then got Jellyfish to close his eyes, put his hand in the hat & draw out a winner...
There were 18 entries (including those who follow this blog).

And the winner is....

drum roll please!!!

Congratulations to Jess who said...

"How do I show love to others? I clean up poop. Among other things. :P "

After a comment like that I think you must deserve a little treat! I will check you details with you, and get your little parcel in the post.

Stay tuned for more Valentine's fun later today ;)

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