Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Cloche

 I received news yesterday that my friends who are now living in NZ were here in Aus and had just had a little baby girl, so even though I had a different one on the hook, I spent the afternoon (and evening, because I pulled it half undone when it was almost finished as I wasn't happy with it!) making a new one and finishing it. I gifted it to them today along with a bag of my decadent home-made choc-chip cookies (you have to have a little contraband you know!).

We went up to the hospital this afternoon to see them, and she is the most gorgeous baby! Seriously. She is pretty at 2 days of age!!! I'd love to show you pictures, but since I didn't get permission from her Mummy and Daddy, I'd better not :) I put it on Little Clam's teddy instead to give you some idea ;)

Here are the stats...
Yarn - Panda Fancy in cream (52% wool, 48 nylon) 8 ply
Hook - 5mm (actually, I think it was a US I )
Pattern from here - aestheticnest I am LOVING her stuff!!!


  1. Gorgeous, what a lucky baby, congratulations for having a new born in your world, love Posie

  2. these are gorgeous! clever you!!!

  3. Oh i echo! GORGEOUS. Love the softness and colour.


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