Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend WIP Wind-up

So after giving myself the deadline of Friday to get a project finished, I got partway through Friday and then ground to a halt. It's not that I didn't WANT to finish... but rather that I wasn't liking how it was all turning out. And being that this is how it's supposed to look,
and this is what it actually looks like... (please excuse the dodgy lighting)

The Debbie Bliss is actually 3/4 mm smaller than the yarn specified, so I used a slightly larger hook to help balance it out - but the sole of the boot was still a bit on the short side. Sigh. So like I always seem to do, I fiddled with the pattern - only I'm not sure I got it quite right (should have frogged it then and chained a few more to give the length instead of another round I suspect). Any of you crochet junkies out there - please advise!

So anyway, I decided that I better check with my SIL (on Monday) to see if she wants me to frog it all and start again. The other Job I was working on last week is still on the hanging on the wash line - so I will try to grab a photo of it tomorrow.

I do have a little spot of happiness to share with you and brighten your day - some of my first Jonquils of the season. They started opening at the beginning of last week - but over this weekend there are lots of them bursting forth with their cheery yellow.

Happy Sunday! :)
S xxx


  1. Looking good! Hope you have a lovely week :)

  2. Seriously cute little bootie! :)

  3. It looks pretty. Can't judge the size of course, but it looks very proportional. (love the color combo!)


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