Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Farmer's Markets

This Sunday morning we headed over to the Farmer's Markets at Thornleigh to have a look around. There weren't as many vendors there today as I have seen on other occasions - but there was plenty to look around anyway. We always have a little look-ey at the stalls from the beginning to the end. Once we get there we walk back making purchases of the things that we want on the way to the car (that way we don't have to lug them around for too long).

First stop - the honey man. Now I am a fan of Honeys like Snow Gum, Yellow box, and Iron Bark, but today I had to bring home a small tub of his Bush Honey. It was quite a bit sweeter, and had a milder taste that just struck me as lovely. (And of course, I couldn't resist a large tub of Yellow box!)

Then it was on to The Soap Man. They say good things come in small packages. I think good things must also come in brown paper packages! I have long been torn with protecting my kids from nasty bugs, but not being so keen to slather on the Rid or Aerogard. Imagine my joy when I came across this natural insect repellent that smells GOOD. He also had some handmade soaps. He makes them himself, so I picked up a few for gifts.

Somewhere in there there was a really nice girl from Bunnings giving things away. Jellyfish was most delighted with his "treasures", and couldn't wait to get home to play with them. The basket ball has now been blown up (Thanks Charlotte for the loan of your pump!), and the forklift has gone up and down and forward and backwards more times than I care to count.

I found The Man of the House a few minutes later at a natural drink stall. I could see in his eye that he meant to have a bottle... the problem was - which flavour? All of the colours in the cordials are plant based, so no need to worry about that with the kids. As I walked along table reading the flavours, I suddenly spied a bottle of Pineapple and Coconut. For any of you that know me, you know that I L-O-V-E both!!! Needless to say, that was the one that came home with us!

So that was part of our Sunday. Tomorrow I hope I'll get a chance to share with you the other things that we got up to.


  1. Oohhh, yummy honey!
    Well done you are a winner in my giveaway! Please email me your address
    Thanks for all of your lovely sweet comments. x

  2. Sounds like my kind of Sunday. Love farmers markets. What do u fo with ALL that honey though?

  3. Wow, fabulous finds! You can make granola or cakes with the honey, right?

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I left there a reply to your question about Kona Cotton Solids as I couldn't find your email address.

  4. I am yet to find a natural insect repellant that actually works and i've tried about 6.... let me know how it goes when the mossies are swarming!


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