Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

Saturday morning dawned sunny with a fresh breeze  - but in the sunshine it was lovely. With this in mind we decided to go for a family walk in the bush down the back near where we live.

Monstera Deliciosa Flower

A sweet patch of moss.

This cute little yellow fungi was about the size of my finger nail!

The largest of the fungi was the size of a medium dinner plate.

He hearts me!
 Mr. Kelp found a heart shaped rock which he placed beside the track for me to find (I was last in line because I was being a shutter-bug).

 Jellyfish and I were wandering along one of the creeks when he yells out "Hey Mummy, there's a number eight" (pointing to the creek bed).

The gap between the rocks above is steeper than it looks... the section that has small rocks on the floor of it rises up about 1.3m in the space that you can see, and before that there is quite a step up - probably 2m at least over all.

Sadly I couldn't get close enough to the edge to show you the water rushing down the rocks - very gurgly and pretty. The rocks were quite slippery.

There was a section along the path that had the most gorgeous light filtering in, and the whole area was covered in tree ferns
As you can see, all the rain was great for the fungi! I have never seen this many varieties in the past 10 years that we have been living here.


  1. Oh wow, all that variety and those colors are just so darn neat! Looks like you had a nice walk and enjoyed the sunshine! I heart that rock too!


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