Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Wanderings - Sunday Update

Edit: I'm having issues putting up photos again, so I'm just going to post this using the old editor. Sorry!

Well if I recall, I promised you I would share what we got up to after the markets last Sunday. I kinda really want to share with you, because I am just plain chuffed! You see, for the week previous to our Sunday jaunt, Jellyfish had been practicing his climbing in the big tree out the back (He is about as tall as your average 5 year old, so that makes things a little bit easier). We bought him a Petzel kids harness, so he is quite safe.

This is the rock room at the bottom of the rock face.

The end of the little rock room was lovely and sunny, very picturesque,
and stopped the smalls from wanting to go any further.

Mr. Kelp, the two boys and I drove a little way back from the markets to a lovely little spot where we climbed down over some rather large boulders to the ground below them. A section of rock that many years ago broke away from the "mother" rock face has in effect made a little rock room. So while Mr. Kelp set up at the top of the rock face with ropes and safety equipment, Jellyfish, Little Clam and I played down the bottom where there was plenty of sand, pebbles, twigs and leaves. We made a little man too, but I forgot to take a photo of their artwork.

The rockface. Bottom-up view.

The rockface. Top-down view.

A little while later, and Jellyfish was back at the top of about a 10m drop with his daddy, while LC and I were at the bottom armed with a video camera! He made it down with Daddy's help, and was pretty darned proud of himself. That was his first ever proper abseil - and at three and a half, was no mean feat! Since I don't put photos of the kids on my blog, I will just share with you the photos of the rock face. It was pretty amazing to watch him learning the ropes, so-to-speak. Then it was home for lunch, and two tired little boys had a lovely snooze (while their daddy went back to do some climbing with a couple of other guys).

I'll try to get some photos up tomorrow of what we did today, but right now I'm off to bed! G'night!

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