Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being Thrifty

Well my weekend started on Friday when Mr. Kelp dropped me off at my local Salvo store, and took the boys to the park. I had about 40 delicious minutes to myself while I browsed over things that just begged to be taken home.

The highlight for me this time was the fabric that I found 2.6m of the red quilting cotton for $5, and 1.8m of the incredibly soft stripey one for just $3. The Red one will hopeful become this. I also found a Bubba Blue cotton pillowcase for Little Clam with embroidered fish on it. He has just started using a pillow - so it's perfect!

I also found these cool books for the boys. The dot-to-dot (for Jellyfish) is brand new, while the English/French one (for little Clam) is still in really good condition.

Brand new shorts and trousers for the boys (with tags on)... the original price on the denim number? $39.

The  trousers for Little Clam were a little less exciting. Why I didn't check where the crotch sits BEFORE I bought them, I'm not sure. Call me old fashioned, but I'm not into babies wearing the crotch of their pants between their knees. I'm thinking of undoing the leg and crotch seams and refashioning them. Any of you sewers out there have any advice on this one?


  1. Fantastic finds...great feeling coming home with some treasures. Thanks for stopping by my space.

  2. Great finds there! I love spending time cruising round the charity shops! You never know what treasures may be found!

    I would go for it with the crotch of those baby trousers. I was nervous about altering clothes for a start - but it's best to just jump in and give it a go. Cheap stuff from the charity shop is perfect to start on - even if it doesn't work out first time, you've learnt for next time! But just put the trousers on your little one, and pinch the fabric - and mark or pin where you want the new seam to be - then just stitch it! Have fun! I'm sure they'll work out fine!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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