Thursday, December 2, 2010

More stamping... for Jellyfish

Just a little preparation today for Jellyfish to get stamping for Christmas.

I wondered about getting all traditional and getting him to stamp with potatoes, but decided against having a toddler with blackened hands. So here I am cutting out some foam shapes a la Belinda.

 Jellyfish wanted to try his hand at some photography too - so that is his picture of the glue... (or his Christmas tower blocks! Seriously, he was taking photos of the wood blocks, the foam and the hole punch kit... so I figure it was the glue he was looking at.) Not bad for a three year old huh?

I will show how it all turns out when the paint is dry :)
And don't forget to stop by tomorrow for something a little special!
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  1. merry christmas to you!

    Hope all is well where you are.

    Our 3yo is also quite the photographer - i love to see what they take shots of... SOoooo many!

  2. Stamping can be so much fun - instant gratification I say. I love your little bee and beetle biscuits from an earlier post.

  3. Looks great..interesting to see the result! Eva

  4. Lovely idea - enjoy the stamping!


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