Monday, December 13, 2010

And the WINNER is...

Thank you for all your great suggestions! I now understand why people do the thing... it can be really hard choosing who the winner is. Actually, I wished I had made lots of cards so that I could send some to everyone who was interested!

To choose the suggestion I liked the best, I copied just the parts of your comments that contained the suggestions for future projects onto a separate document (minus your names), and started picking out the bits I liked.

And the winner of the vintage Imperial wallpaper note cards is...
Jenn of JennySunshine, Online who said
"I love all of your posts, I can't pick just one! You are so incredibly creative!!!! Challenge - mix two mediums. For i.e. Do something knit as well as crochet in the same project, or combine paint and cross stitch, clay and yarn...something like that. Also, make it "Seaweed and Raine" blue and green or under the sea, etc. I also second the sewing machine challenge!"

Thanks Jenn, Make sure you leave a comment with your current details so I can get the note cards to you. :)

Thanks again to everyone who joined in, and took the time to leave a comment. I love you input!!! :)

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