Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stamped Wrapping Paper

I promised you a little look when we finally had some wrapping paper. 

Set up

Impromptu art smock

The finished stamps

Jellyfish's first attempt at stamping

Some more designs

The crinkles in the paper in the last few pics were per favour of Jellyfish, who thought it would be fun to play with the paper while Mummy was changing Little Clam's pants. :{ (Just gives it more of a "handmade" look, now doesn't it!)

 I just used acrylic paint and since I didn't have any sponge to put it on, I just used a piece of the foam sheeting that we cut the stamps out of to put the paint on, and a big roll of brown paper from Art Riot.


  1. These are just so darling! They really scream I love you!

  2. Hi again! I just pulled your name as the winner of my fabric birdie giveaway! Yes, one of these sweet birds will be flying all the way to Austraila to live with you!

    Just email me at describehappy(at)gmail(dot)com with your name, address, and favorite color and I will ship one off to you pronto!!


  3. Totally sweet stamps!! The ornaments on my blog post with the Christmas tree, the ceramic heart was from Kikki-K about $11 & the LOVE one came as a set of 4 from Typo, $15. I want more!! Love Posie

  4. I was doing some stamping the other day...(yet to be blogged!)... but not as fancy and pretty as this! Nice one!

  5. Perfect! And I do like the impromptu art smock - what a great idea!


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