Monday, December 13, 2010

Conquering the Machine!

Any of you who have been following along for some time now will know that I have a phobia about sewing machines. And that I want to conquer this phobia. The scariness of it all partly stems from using my mum's sewing machine in primary school, having the cotton knot up around the bobbin, and being told not to do any sewing "for a while...". Twenty one years later, and here I am in trepidation of the beast. Problem is, I love fabric. Lots and lots of lovely fabric. I would be happy rolling around in great swathes of yummy colours and textures! :)

Well... I have news!

First I sewed not only on the sewing machine - but the over locker too! AND I sewed in my very first zip. The finished product is not perfect... but, I think it's cool, and I am feeling very pleased with myself. :) I also managed to sew a mostly straight line or two.  I'd show you more, but I am gifting it for Christmas, and I don't want the person to see too much.


  1. Congrats on all your firsts!! I too was a scardy cat with my sewing machine for sometime, but with each project and time I turn it on I am gaining more and more confidence! It's work it to play with fabrics!!

    And thanks for the comment on my blog -- yes... for free motion you do change your sewing machine set up, but then I just almost 'doodled' with the stitches; no pre-drawn design. Although, I don't think a pre-drawn design would be a terrible thing as you are still following 'free hand.' Hope you give it a go!

  2. in reply to Christie...
    Thanks for your encouragement! I would love to have a go a free motion quilting. I might have to start with the basics of quilting first though! ;)

  3. I would say that you did a lovely job of getting over the fear!!! Sewing in a zipper usually stops a lot of people in their tracks! Well done!!! LOVE the fabric choice as well, sooo pretty! BTW, the doily is on my bedside table, it fits perfectly! I am still thinking of what to cast on that needs stitch markers too...

  4. OOHHH... post challenge...if you choose to accept it...go to your camera, pick it up and then walk 50 paces from wherever your camera any direction. When you get to 50 paces, stop. Wherever you are (provided it isn't in the middle of a road, or somewhere else dangerous...take a photo, "artsy" or otherwise and upload it as a post with or without commentary.

  5. OH congratulations on the sewing... I think it looks wonderful. There will be no stopping you now!!!

  6. in reply to Teek...
    Thanks for the encouragement :) I have to say it has been the inspiration and encouragement given by all my bloggy friends that have made me game enough to try sewing again. You guys are awesome!!!

  7. Looks great! I had much the same experience with sewing machines, but I'm gaining in confidence these days. I still seem to be convinced that one day it will sew my fingers or something and I get the manual out most times I sew, though...


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