Thursday, December 2, 2010

Note Card Giveaway

For some time now I have been meaning to do a giveaway.
Just because I like to give gifts.
When I started blogging I wasn't really interested in
gaining followers. 
It was just for me to express what was going on for me creatively. 
Then after a little while I realised that there were people who were actually INTERESTED in what I was doing.
(Jaw dropping moment).
So in honour of the 14 who don't mind being subject to whatever is going on in my head, 
a giveaway...

Remember these vintage wall papers?
I have turned some of them into note cards.

To be eligible to be gifted with a set of 4 of these note cards, leave a comment telling which one of my posts to date you have enjoyed the most, and then make a suggestion of what you think I should tackle creatively in the future. This is not a "game of chance". I will read all your entries, and the suggestion which appeals to me the most for one of my next projects will be sent four vintage wall paper note cards. (Please realise that it might take me a while for me to get to the project!!! :) ). Comments close December 9.

I look forward to reading your suggestions! 
(No, really. I love reading your comments! It's good to know what other's are thinking.)
Happy thoughts! :)


  1. Hmmm - a few favourites cos I am lousy at making decisions...
    Spring - because it's always gorgeous and worth celebrating, the one where you found the Playstreet book - I remember this book well - especially the last bit where they all crouch over their handlebars and go home as (I think it was) a quiet caterpillar, the crocheted bikini - cos I had one as a child - yep really. And of course the Paula Prass - because - well yum!
    What next - well you don't seem to have tackled a macrame pot holder yet (kidding!) now how about knitting?? Is that your thing or just the hook rather than the needles??

  2. I liked the donut one just because I like donuts!

    I'd like to see a post about something you sewed on the sewing machine to show that you have conquered your fear - a little girly skirt to send down to one of your adopted nieces in Tasmania perhaps?? :P

  3. I love all of your posts, I can't pick just one! You are so incredibly creative!!!! Challenge - mix two mediums. For i.e. Do something knit as well as crochet in the same project, or combine paint and cross stitch, clay and yarn...something like that. Also, make it "Seaweed and Raine" blue and green or under the sea, etc. I also second the sewing machine challenge! xoxo - Jenn

  4. Christmas sausage!!! Ha ha! :)
    I really do love your post on the iphone sock! :)
    I think you should combine felt and beading for your next project.


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