Sunday, December 12, 2010

SAN Fireworks 2010

Well tonight was the Sydney Adventist Hospital's Carols and fireworks. Both of my babies slept right through the whole thing - which was pretty amazing! I tried to figure out the settings for fireworks on my camera - but it was dark - that should teach me to be better prepared in future (... think I might say that next time as well?). The shots were either too early, or too late, which is a bummer. I did take some video - so the fireworks weren't totally wasted :)

I think I enjoyed this years lot better than the one previous... I know lots of people say that, but looking back on some of last year's photos (which were very nice, don't get me wrong!), I just really like the colour and shape combinations this year.

Also tonight, I sewed my very first zipper in - which was a tremulous moment for me! I will show  you more when I get the project finished :)

Oh, and thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway... I will blog on that later with a winner. You have been very patient with me.
Good night!

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