Friday, March 2, 2012

Sarah Goes to town

So last week I told you I was having a little bit of a sort through some boxes that hadn't been opened in a quite a while... well, I have a confession to make. I am a hoarder. A clutter bug. A pack-rat. I have things stored from when I was a child!!!

While I was having a little de-clutter session, I found something that just made me smile - this...

I was given it when I was in early primary school. I love the outfit on the cover. In fact, I think I want one. Can anyone tell me where I might perchance find one? (Innocent look).

I lost her fluffy red and white hat somewhere! :(

 Infact, which outfit would you pick?


  1. Oh, I'd go for the yellow layered dress. We had paper dolls as girls and we loved them!!!

  2. Oh I love these - Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to invite you over for my "Get Inspired" blog party that has now opened up for links. You can link up to 3 posts if you are interested and my favorites and top clicked will be featured on my blog and facebook.


  3. oh wow, this is awesome! i hope you have a girl so she can play with it!! In terms of the outfit, I think I would go for the pink-red one, with the hoody jacket and red gum boots!


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