Monday, March 26, 2012

Gone Bush...

Well we have just returned from a week at my Mum's place. We had a lovely time away, but I have to say that it is also good to be back in my own bed.I am having Internet issues at the moment (OK, so it might be that we have gone over our broadband limit for the month ;) - but hey, it makes everything take longer!!!), so I am just putting together a couple of pics for you to look at - I just hope they will load!

On the Wednesday that we were there, we took a trip to the Gara Gorge area so that hubby and Jellyfish could either rock climb or abseil (Jellyfish just abseiled this time). I even coaxed my Mum into having a go - bear in mind that she is in her early 70's (yep, I was a late tag-a-long in my family). It's only the second time that she has ever abseiled, and the previous time was about 28 years ago! I am so proud of her!!! :)

This is a photo I took along the track to where they were climbing/abseiling. Please note that the trees are regular sized trees. Some of the granite boulders in the area are on the large size - and this was one of the small ones!!!

We explored the creek next to the footbridge, and Little C found some rocks and tiny muscles  in the sand and stone that had him fascinated.

Yes, Um. There I am in all my pregnant glory. Twelve weeks to go now. I just hope I don't get TOO much bigger  - but realistically, I probably will.

So there you have it. One day trip away from home. I will try to get back online and post some pictures of my latest creations in the next few days (and attempt to catch up on some blog reading!!!)

Till then!

S xxx

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  1. Your Mum looks like she lives in a really pretty area. I love going out to the bush and exploring and that creek looks very inviting.


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