Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gathered Clutch

If you recall, I promised that I had found something that I wanted to show you... well, um, after writing most of the most it seems that I failed to take a photo when there was natural light. Like. Every. Single. Day. Of course, I WOULD remember - at about 9pm at night, when there is no way in the Southern Hemisphere that I am going to subject you to a photo that I have taken at that time of the night!!! So you will have to wait a little longer I'm afraid. Sorry.

I do have something a wee bit exciting to show you though. I have made my first gathered clutch! Yippee. I found it back in 2010, and promptly bookmarked it, but it had just never made it onto my short term "to do" list. Till now.
It was relatively easy to assemble, although I must say that there were parts that made more sense AFTER I had done them (yep, still learning the basics here), and I was using a machine that I've only recently acquired (thanks O'ma!), so I had to figure out how to attach the zipper foot - which was much more elaborate than the one my 1935 Bernina came with. ;)

Here it is! I used the same fabric that I made the Little Boxy Bag out of  for my niece for Christmas in 2010. Just a few little scraps of it left now.

I also whipped up a few more gift cards and tags.

The crochet flower was something I pulled together myself, since all the other flowers that I found directions for were much too big for what I had in mind. If you are interested I can pop a post up with directions to make it in the next few days.

Wood Dots

Buttons and Fabric

Bright and Beachy

Cute envelopes

So these little lovelies are winging their way to Christchurch today to someone who has been encouraging me to just go for it with the sewing.

Hope you didn't melt in the heat the other day - it had me confused for a minute... but our cool and wet summer is back. Ah well, the airconditioner had a brief moment of being loved. ;)

Have a great weekend!

S xox

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  1. Very nice work with the clutch - and I love that you did little envelopes to go with the tags.

    I must say I've rediscovered a few tutorials bookmarked years ago just recently - feels good to be 'finally getting onto that' eh?

  2. That clutch is totally cute! I have been working on some zipper pouches recently and I know what you mean about not really understanding the directions until after you have actually done it:) Cyndy

  3. Gorgeous clutch!!! Love the fabric! The cards are lovely, too...

  4. I love the fabrics that you chose for your clutch! It looks great, well done.

  5. what a bright and happy clutch! That fabric is fab. How's that belly going?

  6. Aren't they fun to make? And I have to admit I felt the same about my first... I was like you want me to do what? But once I saw it together I wanted to make a zillion of them. Ha! I've made a whopping two, but I can see going back to them as a quick gift for someone! Can't wait to hear about your other project!

  7. And I was the lucky recipient! Feeling sooo spoilt. Thank you

    1. You are so welcome Roz. I enjoyed making it all for you. Your encouragement to just have a go has been so refreshing - I am the kind of person who thinks "If a job is worth doing, then it's worth doing PROPERLY... which sometimes means I get too overwhelmed to start!).

  8. Cute clutch & Cards! I need to make a zippered pouch/clutch/bag - I have not done that, yet...


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