Thursday, March 29, 2012

Citrus Twirls Scarf

It seems that time driving to and from holidays was just a wee bit productive. :)
I spent the time (between checking on the boys; finding snacks, books and toys for them; and cleaning up after a couple of motion sickness moments) hooking up something from this lovely yarn.

I actually bought it from my LYS last year, when I saw the colours and said to myself "You're so coming home with me! YUMMM!", but then failed to do anything with it, being preoccupied with other projects that had a date that they needed to be completed for. Story of my life it seems. Are any of you that way? You have a list of things you want to do, but there are things that are always more pressing to use your precious time with? But I digress...

It was an easy pattern. Last year I saw the Spring Frills Scarf over at Aesthetic Nest, and rather liked the look of it, but I thought it was a little to frilly for me... I'm a bit of a tomboy at times. So I just picked up my hook and started doing my own thing. I liked the way it was looking while the hook was flashing throught the yarn. But now that it is complete, I'm not certain. When I put it on, I rather feel like a clown with a big frill around my neck. Not really my intention. So....

What would you do with it?
1. Wear it as is?
2. Re-work it into something a little less frilly?
3. Start from scratch?
4. Sell it (not that I really want to get rid of this yummy yarn!)?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Very pretty! I do love the frills, but I am also not one who feels comfortable wearing lots of frills, LOL.

    I'm afraid I have no suggestions, I have to be one of the worst crocheters around, he he.

  2. I would rework it into something else :)

  3. Thanks for your visit over at my blog. I'm not a frilly person usually, but I quite like your scarf. Cx

  4. I like the way it looks in both the hanging shots there - perhaps if you wore it so it hangs down rather than wraps around your neck too much you would like it better.
    It's very pretty - but if you know you are ultimately not going to wear it then you'd be better to rework it into something you will wear so you can enjoy the yarn.

  5. I think you should wear it as is - you worked hard to make it, show it off! Plus the colours are so pretty :-)

    {Thanks for checking out my BEACH map letters :-) }


  6. I think it is gorgeous but also would not wear it..not a frilly person either...kind of stumped. For starters you could take loads of photos of it, see how it sells...

  7. Those colours really are beautiful, it would be a shame to waste it if you wont wear it. I think I'd rework it too.

  8. I say wear it as is! You did a beautiful job and I think the colors are the perfect pop of color for spring. I loved reading your story about going back home...even if you only wandered around the gardens. It's still a magical thing.

    take care,

  9. love those colours together...perfect for this time of year x

  10. Wow, this is a wonderful scarf! The colors are perfect, sunny and cheerful, and the delicate yarn is suitable for the warm spring days. Thank you for visiting my turquoise living room!


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