Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another bib - and some new things in the works.

I made another bib yesterday arvo - but this time I made it with a velcro strip that will make the neck size adjustable. I discovered that if I use my zipper foot, I am able to get closer to the edge through the thick layers of fabric.

For those of you who saw the one I did last week, I've decided to give this one to my friend instead since her little bubba really is LITTLE - like 2kg! He and his lovely mummy came home from hospital yesterday, and my husband was lucky enough to see them both. He says the little guy is tiny (then again, I seem to give birth to super long babies, and the one that is still riding on the inside looks to be no different!). Thank you for your kind words regarding this little guy. He is completely precious.

In the works today is something in this fabric

And this one.

But not together. Anyone want to take a guess at what I am making?
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  1. Lovely lovely bib!
    And the fabrics are very beautiful! I especially love the last one, the purple one is beautiful though! I'm curious to see what will you do with it!

    It is so nice of you to give away your handmade bib! One my friend, she made a bib for my 4 months son as well. This is beautiful!

  2. Your bib is so cute and is such a perfect gift to give a new can never have enough of them :)

  3. That bib looks very cute! I wonder what you're making... a couple of bags maybe? Or something baby related? Like burp cloths? Intrigued :)

  4. Your bib looks very cute. Thanks for the tip to use a zipper foot when sewing velcro.

    1. Actually, the zipper foot was good for top stitching around the edge of the bib. On this bib, I used a thin layer of towel fabric between the stretch toweling and the cotton front - so it was super thick!

  5. I love that striped bib! Way, way stylish! Your fabric selections are always so spot-on! =)
    Kristina J.

  6. Lovely bib, and oh my those fabrics are gorgeous :)

  7. I love your stripey bib, so funky!

  8. You did a great job with your bib, fabric looks great. Especially love that last one!
    Would love to have link this up at Sunday Round UP!
    3 blogs = 1 party

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment! Your bibs are lovely...what a wonderful gift idea! Love the colours! Angie xo


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