Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A long over-due Ta-Dah moment & Other going's on

It has been a while since I have written anything. That doesn't mean that I have been indulging in a bit of bloggy reading, I just haven't taken the time to add thoughts to my page. Actually, with things buzzing as they have been, my thoughts have been pretty jumbled anyway (you might not have been able to make sense of them).

There have been calico & rayon bags made for the grandma's (of which I wrapped in a hurry to send with my brother the other day, so in the craziness I didn't even get a photo! Kicking myself for that. It was my own design too!) Easter stuff (like helping set up for the 4 day Easter extravaganza at church), and little dabbles with crochet for babies (more on that later).

Saturday Mr. Kelp took the boys to Sabbath School for a morning of songs, stories and craft. This is what remains of the little Easter baskets they made.

Easter Chicks
Fresh laid eggs ;)

I didn't take a photo of it when it was fresh and first came home - I'd stayed home sick, and the thought of finding the energy to actually pick up the camera and try to get a somewhat decent shot was just all too much.

With family coming and going over the weekend, and rain, rain and more rain, that brings us to now, with a 3 year old with a fever, a 1 year old who seems to be teething (read as shrieking, chewing on his hands, ice cubes and anything else he thinks will help) washing piled up (oh how glamorous - I'm sure you wanted to know that!), I am well and truly ready for a few moments to myself and my little blog. Mr. Kelp did rig up a tarp over the clothes line for me - so at least some of it is getting slowly drier, and I have some things in the clothes drier too. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd show you how my Passion Pour les fleurs turned out...
Are you ready?

Ta Dah!

It has long since been living with my SIL, so I guess I should really work on finishing off some of the other stuff that am working on.

Here is a little teaser...

Hope you have a fab short working week everyone!

S xxx


  1. Oh, I do hope everyone is well now! Cute baskets and some beautiful crochet work there! Love that Passion pour les fleurs!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. ooowwww love the flowers :) Hmmmmm and i am trying hard to guess what else you have been making ..... hmmmmm tell me tell me!! hehehehe

  3. These days I'm a bit jealous of people who can knit and crochet. I could never really get the hang of them, more into sewing. Looking forward to seeing the 'teaser' completed....T

  4. Ooh love the colours in that first teaser :-P And the flower scarf is simply beautiful.

  5. Oh i hope you're better & perky now. Oh could they be hand/ arm warmers, they look fabulous what ever that knitting will become. Love Posie

  6. Oh my word verification was HEART, so sending that your way too, love Posie

  7. Love what you are doing with the yarn. The children's Easter baskets are very cute. Just love those little chickies :)

  8. Love the flower scarf. Very delicate looking. Perfect for spring/autumn. Looking forward to see what your teasers turn in to!

  9. The scarf turned out beautifully, it's sooo pretty. I hope everyone is feeling much better now. I'm curious what other crochet things you're creating! Have a great weekend.:)

  10. is that some macrame I spy there...? I've been looking on and off for macrame inspiration. I was thinking of updating the concept with linen yarns.

  11. love the crochet. thanks for your lovely comment.

  12. wow, you have some fabulous yarn-y stuff going on there, love your new blog header and blog format


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