Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last birthday party for the month.

Well I haven't been doing much on the blog scene for the a good part of this month - but I have been a little bit busy. With all the birthdays we have had I have been trying to make things for each birthday boy/girl, and have had a few other crafty things going on in the back ground as well. Add to this the usual household running stuff, keeping up with my two rather active little boys (Oh Jellyfish would insist here that he ISN'T a little boy, he's a BIG boy!), and baking for our trip north last weekend, and extra for a certain lovely grandparent, and that brings me to now.

So what did I make for the birthday girl this time? Remember this beanie? Well since I got a bit of a head-start with that one, I decided that I needed to make a little something else, and since my niece is a little on the petite side, a little belt to keep everything where it should be was in order.

I also made some more bug biscuits. I didn't take photos this time. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments for the last ones I made. They are in fact biscuits - not cupcakes - but I assure you they are rather tasty! Mr. Kelp got in on the action too and made some of his own decorated biscuits - so we had butterflies, and a snail, and a flower - perfect for the theme of the day - a garden party!

Here is a shot of the birthday girl's cake. Complete with rock candy and little icing bugs :)

So that's it for today - I'm just a tad tired. Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on the fabric belt you saw above. (It's all ready to go - promise!)


  1. love the little toadstool on the cake (edible??). Will be back for that tutorial :-)

  2. Wow that's fantastic! I will be sharing photos of my little one's big one soon.


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