Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fabric Child's Belt Tutorial.

I have a niece that is a tad on the petite side, so for her birthday the other day I decided that I should make her a belt to help keep things in place. Keep in mind that I am kinda new to sewing. This is not the only way to do it, it's just what worked for me. For another easy to follow tutorial, check out Prudent Baby.


Chosen fabric. I used Michael Miller Corduroy Flower Crystals in pink.
Light/Medium weight iron on interfacing (or do yourself a favour and get some iron on tape!!!)
2 x 2.5 cm (1") D rings.
Thread to either match or contrast.
Rotary cutter (optional - scissors work too).
Bias tape maker (optional - but it makes it a LOT easier!)
Iron & board
Sewing machine

Here's what I did:

1.Cut two strips of fabric 4.5cm (or 5cm if you prefer it a little wider) x your desired length. I made mine 63cm long. I also cut parallel to the selvedge as the fabric was a LOT more stable this way (and it made the lines of the cord go in the desired direction).

2. Cut two strips of interfacing 2.5 cm wide, and 4cm shorter than your fabric strips. (In my case I made them 59cm long).

3.Trim the ends of the fabric into a point (I folded the end in half to make sure I had the point in the middle).

4. Thread fabric into the bias tape maker. (You may find that the tip of your scissors, the end of a pen, or a pin may be helpful here). Iron fabric as you go.

5. Open fabric out and place the interfacing in the middle, and slightly in from the end of the fabric strip (see photo below). Make sure the shiny side is down (you don't want glue on your iron!), and iron it on.

6.Fold ends in an press. (See picture below).

7. Trim corners before folding the fabric closed. This takes out some of the bulk for the following steps.

8. Fold pointy end in and press.

9.Place both strips of fabric wrong sides together and pin.

10. Top-stitch the fabric. You can use a colour that will blend in, or a contrasting colour. I chose something that stood out a little. Stitch as close to the edge as you can. If you like at this point you can sew another line of stitching inside of the first line. I didn't bother.

11. Thread 2 D-rings onto your fabric strip at the end that doesn't have interfacing. Fold the fabric strip over so that the interfacing just covers the D-rings. Stitch down. Reinforce if desired.

12. Wear or gift your new belt! :)

If you have any problems with this tutorial, leave a comment to let me know.
Happy stitching! :)

S xxx


  1. I must get a one of thos bais tape makers - that's the second tutorial I've seen in as many days that uses one - must be a handy little gadget!
    Great tutorial...will have to give this a try (I like little matching details like belts on my kids outfits!)

  2. It's so cute! And i love how clear your instructions are - makes it so much easier.

    p.s. I'm doing my first giveaway on my blog. It's here if you wanna check it out:

  3. Hello and thank you for your sweet comment!
    You have made a wonderful belt! Thank you for inspiration! I used to 'collect' belts and now there isn't any favorite - I shall make one!
    Happy Easter! Teje

  4. love the colours of the belt.

  5. That is great, I bought a handmade one made from patchworked scraps for my daughter but she has trouble with the D rings! Was ok for nappy wearing but not now she is toilet trained! I might try this with a press stud instead.

    1. I love your idea with the press stud. Let me know if it works. I might give it a try. :)

  6. Too cute! And great instructions. :)

  7. Adorable belt! And great tutorial. Perhaps I should try it for one of my girls. I always appreciate your nice comments on my blog--thank you! -Anneliese

  8. I love that fabric! Thank you for sharing a great tutorial.

    1. Thanks Brandi. I had so much fun making it - I should really find some boy fabric and make some for my sons. :)


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