Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bulbs and Book Binding

Ok, so I'm still working on that tute. When I went back to look at the photos I had taken I realised that I didn't have as many as I thought, so now I'm at the point of a re-do.

I did find something worthy of a photo though. Two weeks ago I bought this pot of flowering Dutch Hyacinths. There were three massive spikes of flowers out when I got them, and the perfume was quite intense. You would think that I would have chose to take a photo of them in all their glory... but no. Those flowers have now dried off, but there are two more spikes that are beginning to bloom, so I thought I'd share a quick snapshot of them.

The first image was and "as-is" shot, and the second one was me having a fiddle with the aperture on the camera (didn't know my camera would even do that!... maybe I should see if I can find the manual?) If you don't have a fancy pants DSLR either (oh I wish!), and you have any suggestions - please feel free to enlighten me! :)


  1. Lovely pictures and such pretty blooms.
    I always take about 20 shots of one image, playing around with different light and props and settings and wot nots. it's addictive and the beauty with digital of course is that all the duds can go in the trash! x

  2. Hey, thanks for popping over to my blog....and also,thanks for posting about your HYACINTHS.. Oh my goodness, they have always been my favourites, and I love finding pictures of them! Lovely.


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