Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday's Galore!

Yesterday saw us on the Central Coast celebrating one of my nephew's 2nd birthday. It was a glorious day (at least until the wind came up while we were at the park - water views - you know how it goes!), and a fantastic setting. There was an enclosed play area for the kids with lots of great equipment to play on, and an undercover eating area where we had all the party fixings.

I made some bug biscuits for the party (previously seen here), and altered them even more. Then I added some tiger ones to the mix as the little guy loves tigers. (Ok, so they weren't the greatest tigers - it was almost 10:30pm when I was decorating them... inspiration was getting a bit thin on the ground by then, so I called in reinforcements!). They are deceptively easy to make, and actually taste pretty darned good! (If you like liquorice - which I do).

His Mummy and Daddy made him a tiger cake (I think the grandparents might have had a hand in it's creation also ;) - Great liquorice cutting Arn & the man of the house!), and there was loads of food - too numerous in flavours and textures to list (ALL of it good!).

I gifted the MDF/spray paint creation that I was working on... I ended up getting Mr. Kelp to help out a lot as time was ticking and he is good with that kind of thing (I did all the sanding... just had to get that in there!)... but wouldn't you know it - I completely forgot to take a photo of it when the light was good. And then I wrapped it. Silly, I know. I will have to see if I can get a photo of it from the little guy's parents.
Edit - here are the pictures from his mummy...

So there you have it - three birthday's down for the month, one to go!


  1. Ha, we're on each other blogs at the same time!! That tiger cake looks familiar, a tried & trusted style, love it. Happy birthday in your family, love Posie

  2. Great cakes - lucky kids!

    Thanks for your comment on my quilt. The agapanthus fabric is actually my own design, and is available here :


  3. so cute! good work, of course hubbys can help out, keeping them in touch with their feminine side!

  4. Your cupcakes are amazing! I"m impressed. And that is a lot of birthdays in one month, keep on trucking!

  5. wow, what awesome party food! Such a work of art!

  6. Very cute!! Congrats on winning a hairbow from my Etsy shop through Oh So Happy Together's blog! Thought I'd hop over and have a look at your blog... love it!

  7. How fun are those cakes!Lovely !
    Here is a nice step by step tute for joining the motifs, its pretty much the same technique I used.


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